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Functional Nutrition Supplements – Suppliers of High Quality Nutritional Supplements

We at Functional Nutrition Supplements believe that in order to remain healthy today in a world of nutrient depleted soils, elevated levels of environmental toxicity and emotional stress the case for supplementing with pure, well-formulated nutrients is stronger than ever.

As an experienced clinician I realise the importance of providing my patients with the very highest professional grade, nutritional supplements that have a proven record in the clinical environment and have been comprehensively tested. I have to be 100% confident in the efficacy of the products I recommend. This site has evolved in response to the specific health challenges of my clients in private practice. Years of research have been devoted to my quest to source the highest quality nutritional supplements that will provide the very best clinical outcomes for patients. Functional Nutrition Supplements is an evolution of this process with a mission statement to offer the widest, most comprehensive selection of nutritional supplements made by companies with the very highest reputation in the industry and make them widely available to functional medicine practitioners, naturopaths, nutritional therapists, integrative practitioners and their clients.

The Nutritional supplements sold on our site are all manufactured by companies whose manufacturing processes meet and exceed strict Current Food Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) requirements which include:

  • Product Design
  • Manufacturing Controls
  • Raw ingredient and finished product testing

We only work with companies that are clinically, technologically, and ethically advanced and continue to seek out cutting-edge nutritional products that our loyal clients demand.

For more information about Functional Nutrition Supplements and the quality products we offer contact us today on or call +44 (0)114 2357847.

Our Nutritional Therapist’s Current Favourites

  • Optimal Multivitamin

  • NeuroFlam (K-46)

  • Cortisol Manager

  • Turmero Active (K-75)

  • Biocidin Liquid

  • HomocysteX

  • Resvero Active (K-76)